Research Summer Internships/Programs (Pointers for Undergraduate students)

Although the content of the blog can be generally applicable to all undergraduate students, I am mainly providing information targeting students studying computer science at Indian universities.

Often students with early exposure to research i.e., during their undergraduate studies look out for summer internships. Especially if you are new to research you might find it difficult to get to right information or contacts. In this blog post I would like to point out some places where you can look out for opportunities.

Research Internships are usually offered for doctoral, masters or bachelors third or final year students who would have already finished some core research courses. If you are interested in research in the first two years, you should work on building up a research profile.

  • Complete specialized courses on online platforms like Coursera
  • Attend summer schools or training programs in interested research area
  • Choose courses wisely if your curriculum has an option of providing flexible courses
  • Gain some hands on experience with atleast one or two programming languages
  • Take guidance from your seniors or alumni who are doing graduate studies

For a research internship its always better to rely on area specific mailing lists.

For example if you are interested in NLP or computational linguistics,
Corpora list is the best place to look out for Conference notifications/Internships/Jobs/PhD positions in that area.

Look out for authors of recently published papers in top conferences of your area of interest and email them directly. Go through their university webpage before
emailing them to avoid disappointment (some of them have specific
requirements or might not be interested in taking interns).

You can always ask your current supervisors or professors to recommend you to their collaborators or contacts if any of them are looking for interns.

Links to conferences and mailing lists:

Popular Summer Internship/Summer schools

Masters Programs
Apart from research internships if anyone is looking for fully-funded masters courses which allow you to spend time at different universties, have a look at below opportunities. Having an amazing experience as an Erasmus Mundus scholar, I highly recommend it. I cannot speak for all the courses but in general they are pretty good. Erasmus/EIT masters programs and schoalrships are considered as very prestigious and often competitive to get full funding for non-european students.

Erasmus Mundus Masters



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